Annual Retreat

Helping You Prepare for the Year Ahead

As the current year ends and you prepare to venture into another new year of business opportunities, there is no better time to examine the current state of your business and personal concerns, as well as lay the groundwork for the future.

As your financial advisors, Grennan Fender is already focusing your attention on critical tax- planning activities at year-end. Now we want to help you take an important next step: proactively planning for next year's goals.

We can help you focus on what's important to your continued success and put the company and your own personal needs in perspective so you can hit the ground running. Our Annual Retreat allows you to more closely dissect your financial data and the management insight it provides. The bottom line with our program: we will help you gather the information to help you make educated management decisions and a go-forward plan for the year - all with your goals and business value in mind.

The Framework