The Grennan Fender Way

Our Business Optimizer Process utilizes a proven comprehensive evaluation approach which identifes the priority issues and challenges facing the business owner and the value drivers necessary to propel the business to the next level, in the most tax-efficient manner. The process delivers coordinated and managed financial and operational solutions at its best, giving companies a greater level of financial insight and control.

From bookkeeping and controller services, to finance and consulting services, Grennan Fender delivers the necessary people, process and technology to meet your financial accounting needs. Complete financial and operational information will support sound decision making, reliable back office processes and greater operational scalability while reducing the time executives spend managing their finance function.

Grennan Fender’s technology solutions improve financial and accounting reporting, streamline manual, time-consuming processes and increase controls with minimal capital outlays and reduced ongoing IT support costs by our clients. From enterprise-wide financial solutions to specific point applications, Grennan Fender’s technology solutions address a range of functions for our clients.

Through the combination of integrated industry leading software and a dedicated team of experienced financial and accounting professionals, Grennan Fender handles all of the activities necessary to support a company’s financial needs including:

  • CEO Consulting Services: Our most seasoned professionals become an outsourced member of your management team, providing leadership and facilitating customized Strategic and Financial Planning, Exit and Strategic Planning, Implementation, Financial Modeling, Capital Raises and Value Driver Development.
  • Controller Services: For companies who have outgrown simple bookkeeping services and need timely and reliable monthly financial information for internal and external reporting, we provide Financial Management on a more granular level including Optimization, Budget and Forecasts, and Decision Support for Tax and Audits.
  • Clarity Accounting Services: Our professionals handle all your accounting functions including payroll, billing, time expenses and reporting, or we can tailor to your specific needs for specific functions handled in-house.
  • Assurance: Contingent upon the needs and requirements of lenders and guarantors, an Audit, Review or Compilation may be provided. In addition, we can provide stockholders, creditors, and private investors an opinion on the indices and whether or not they are free from material misstatement.
  • Proactive Tax Planning and Strategies: We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income as your business grows and optimizes owner and shareholder value.
BENEFITS of Working with Our Firm:
  • Seamless Data and Information:
    Our Clarity Accounting system allows programs to share data effectively, increasing eficiency and improving the customer experience while decreasing costs.
  • Process and Controls:
    We implement proven processes and controls to increase eficiency and speed.
  • Seasoned Professionals:
    We provide good people who are experts in finance and back office administration suited to your needs.
  • Time Savings: Your management team can reduce time-consuming financial activities to allow greater focus on strategic goals.
  • Financial Clarity and Visibility:
    With comprehensive reporting, you can make decisions based on a clear picture of your financial standing.
  • Ready for Growth to Occur:
    Your management team will operate with new purpose and better focus and traction, forging a culture of performance.
Our Company Pledge and Guarantee:
  1. After 90 days, we pledge these outstanding benefits for your company
  2. Evaluation Money Back Guarantee:
    If, after the completion of the Business Evaluation Recommendation Report, you are not convinced significant value has been received, the $3,500 fee will not be payable.

Your Freedom and Peace of Mind drive our efforts. The fulfillment of your personal and business dreams is our ultimate goal. We will remove obstacles to drive your businesses forward, achieve maximum success with minimal interference and meet your expectations – guaranteed.