Around the world, an estimated 7 million children die each year, with malnutrition playing a key role in many of those deaths, according to United Nations statistics.img_2592-300x225

A hungry child lacks energy for playing or doing schoolwork. Their small bodies compensate for lack of fuel by slowing down mental and physical abilities. And their little immune systems take a hit, too, making them more susceptible to colds and serious illness.

After a disaster such as a hurricane, families can struggle to meet even their most basic needs.

That’s why Grennan Fender CPAs was proud to partner with Feeding Children Everywhere to pack 21,312 meals for families in Haiti affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Founded in 1975, Grennan, Fender, McCrady, Hess & Poparad has a long history of providing personal service to our valued clients in public accounting and financial management.  Working on this project was a part of our continued commitment to excellence and the community throughout Central Florida.

Feeding Children Everywhere mobilizes teams to assemble all-natural, healthy, pre-packaged servings of staples such as rice and lentils. With help from a nutritionist, the charity includes tasty recipes like Lentil Casserole and meal plans to transform the packets into complete and delicious meals.

The charity, based in Longwood, was founded by Central Florida residents Don and Kristen Campbell, who shared their own family table with others but wanted to do more.

Today, thousands of volunteers, from a six-year-old Boy Scout to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, come together at Hunger Projects with the same purpose that started it all – to share love, hope, and make a difference around the world.

The event took place at 2 p.m. Monday, Oct. 10, 2016, at WhirlyDome, 6464 International Drive in Orlando.

Volunteer teams from Grennan Fender came together to assemble the meals with help from our other great partners:

  • Fence Outlet
  • Nouveau Contour and Dermatude
  • Liberty Investment Properties
  • DynaFire
  • Corkcicle