Strategic Services Consulting

Strategic Services Consulting

Growing your business without a road map can bring difficulties, inefficiencies and personnel challenges.  Our collaborative Business Optimizer Process helps business owners and their executive team specifically define goals, benchmark current positions and develop and implement a plan to achieve them. The Strategic Services Group helps build the necessary value drivers to enhance the business value, whether ultimately  transitioning to a third party or key employees.

5 Consulting Stages

Our Proven Process

Value Enhancement

Exit Planning

C-Level Support

Beyond C-Level Support

Annual Retreat

Outsourced Accounting



Trying to navigate the federal tax code can be time consuming, complex and confusing. Most importantly, understanding which tax laws apply to you and what impact they have is critical to ensuring you can make decisions that are “tax friendly.” Click here to learn more about our Tax & Consulting Services.

Are you working in your business, not on your business? Do you need more time to attend to your core business? Are your financial statements always behind? Are you overwhelmed by monthly bills and invoicing? Have you recently been the victim of employee theft or fraud? Are you always filing tax extensions? Click here to learn more about our Accounting Services.

We believe in easy and open communication. For more information about how we can best serve you, click here to connect today.