Tax Services

Helping you find ways to increase revenue, improve cost efficiency and improve your ability to serve your customers

The federal, state, and international tax codes are complex and can be confusing. Our approach to understand first and then utilize our extensive expertise to provide a solution that is efficient and adds value to our clients.

By first understanding your current tax positions, we can formulate a plan and provide the best solution to enhance your objectives because each financial decision has a direct or indirect consequence. Our professionals can provide the insight and guidance for an informed decision.

Through our tax compliance and planning services, we actively review each clients situation to for efficiency, optimization, and increasing your value. Using an all-encompassing approach, we seek every opportunity to structure a transaction and plan for the maximum benefit for our clients.


• Accounting for income tax
• Accounting methods and periods
• Specialty Tax Services which include federal credits and incentives
• Compliance and planning for

  • Corporations
  • Estates
  • Trusts
  • Individuals
  • Partnerships
  • Multi-State Entities
  • Nonprofit Organization

• Income tax consulting
• IRS and state DOR controversy resolution
• Tax merger and acquisition planning

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Helping you navigate the complex and confusing tax code in a tax friendly direction

Planning, efficiency and open communication define our firm’s approach to assurance and auditing. We operate at the highest level of integrity and objectivity and ensure compliance with ethics and independence standards. Our collaborative quality assurance and auditing services help you identify hidden opportunities or potential trouble areas. Click here to learn more about our Audit & Assurance Services.

Are you working in your business, not on your business? Do you need more time to attend to your core business? Are your financial statements always behind? Are you overwhelmed by monthly bills and invoicing? Have you recently been the victim of employee theft or fraud? Are you always filing tax extensions?  Click here to learn more about our Accounting Services.

We believe in easy and open communication. For more information about how we can best serve you, click here to connect today.

Growing your business without a road-map can bring difficulties, inefficiencies and personnel challenges.  Our collaborative Business Optimizer Process helps business owners and their executive team specifically define goals, benchmark current positions and develop and implement a plan to achieve them. The Strategic Services Group helps build the necessary value drivers to enhance the business value, whether ultimately  transitioning to a third party or key employees. Click here to learn more.